Tony Gemignani, pizza master and restaurateur

It’s winter and the farmers market is always full of beautiful vegetables. One of my favorites is Romanesco, which is underutilized in the pizza industry. It’s a little like broccoli but tastes more like a cauliflower. It’s very popular in Italy — but even in Italy it’s not an ingredient seen on many pizzas. Here is a delicious recipe that incorporates fresh Meyer lemons and roasted garlic. Enjoy.

TONY GEMIGNANI is one of America’s most influential pizza makers.  Instagram: @capopizza Photo: Tony Gemignani


Tony’s Trending Recipe: The Lemonesco Pizza
Author: Pizza Today
Recipe type: Pizzas

1 9–13-ounce dough ball 9-ounce to 12-ounce dough ball 1 ounce roasted garlic 5-6 ounces trimmed Romanesco 18 thin lemon slices (preferably Meyer) 15 slices caciocovallo (approx. 15 ounces) 5-6 ounces ricotta 6-8 ounces Limoncello Crushed red pepper Garlic oil drizzle Extra virgin olive oil Semolina Maldon or sea salt Fine black pepper Equipment needed: Rolling pin or sheeter Dough docker Pizza sheet/cutter Wire whisk Small bowl for whisking Small pastry bag Small sauté or sauce pan



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