An (Illustrated) Guide To Pizza

My latest Instagram obsession comes from the handle @citiesbytheslice. Run by artist Dan Bransfield, who published an illustrated guide to pizza back in 2018, the account features an assortment of slices from both notable (and not so notable) pizza cities and states.

When I initially started following the account, I thought, “oh, this is some really cool artwork.” But I’ve realized that Bransfield’s drawings also serve as an unofficial guide to pizza in various locales.

Planning a trip to Miami? Simply scour @citiesbytheslice for the “Miami By The Slice” artwork and now you have many, if not all of the city’s best pizza at your disposal.

Bransfield’s state-centric artwork is even more comprehensive. Take New Jersey, for example (controversially just ranked the Best Pizza State by Food & Wine Magazine) which features a whopping 40 spots. A piece of art is only so helpful though, so I took the liberty of creating a map of all the New Jersey spots that are included, for more easily navigating the state’s best pizza places.

While I’ve eaten at plenty of New Jersey pizzerias (and have reviewed nine spots on this site), the state’s pizza map reminded me how many spots I still need to try there.

Give @citiesbytheslice a follow for more great pizza art.

After all, you know what they say… a picture is worth 1,000 slices.

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