The Terraplanes recently celebrated their first commercial release, “The Westlake Sessions”, a name referencing the iconic Hollywood-based studio where the band recorded in Studio D — the same room where Michael Jackson recorded many of his megahits, including the history-making album “Thriller.”

The Terraplanes followed up the Westlake sessions recording session with a commercially-produced video in support of the first single from the album, “Water to Wine.” With a successful album and recent first single video released, the band is now diving into the NFT world by offering the “The Westlake Sessions” as an NFT for investors.

“With the advent of NFTs, crypto-currency investors can now spend their crypto on real assets – like art and music. And, they are desperate to do so, with the volume of NFT deals increasing 562x in the last year,” notes a writer on, “Crypto millionaires bought more than $1.9 BILLION worth of NFTs so far this year.”

Biff Tate, of The Terraplanes, explained that, “We don’t know a whole lot about the crypto-currency world, but we all know the buzz. And the idea that our music and music products can exist with an original artifact that will always be uniquely owned, is really cool. It’s like getting to own a share in an original painting by a hopeful artist. What if that artist turned out to be Picasso or Basquiat?”

The Terraplanes NFT’s will be available in August 2022 and will include the 7 tracks that were released last year. The NFT will include a percentage of sales and royalties, as well as blockchain ownership of the tracks. And while mp3’s and digital plays of the songs are always available, the NFT blockchain ownership holds all the value.

“We think there’s good reason to go with the NFT model,” says Kent Land, one of the co-founders of The Terraplanes, “It let’s people invest in our music and get more of a return. They can share in the success and even be rewarded monetarily by helping us promote and get our music to more people.”

To find out more about The Terraplanes NFT and sign up to notified when it goes up for auction, go to

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