Eleventh Street Pizza: A New Spot In Miami (With $42 Pies)

Eleventh Street Pizza (1035 N Miami Ave) is a new pizza spot that is located in the non-gentrified outskirts of Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood. I’d been salivating over their pies on Instagram and made sure to swing by to check them out during a brief winter break getaway down South last month.

What’s Unique: Eleventh Street Pizza has a very limited menu of only 5 slices/pies along with a few non-pizza dishes. There is a classic cheese, a cheese square and then three “special” squares (Pepperoni, Shroom, and Provencal). The pies can be ordered in either a round or square size. Even coming from New York, I experienced sticker shock when I looked at the menu. The Pepperoni and Shroom squares ran $8 each for a slice and $42 for a pie. I thought back to this New York Times headline from four years ago — The Rise of the $38 Pizza, Exclusive and Elusive — and how now we don’t blink twice when we see a pie priced at over $40 (okay, maybe I blinked a few times).

What To Eat: I tried three of the five slices — the classic cheese, classic square and mushroom square (even the classic cheese @ $4.75 is expensive by New York standards). The classic cheese had some textures and flavors that were reminiscent of Di Fara, down to the basil and cheese. I’m not sure whether that is intentional or not – but my first bite transported me back to Avenue J. My least favorite slice was the cheese square which was chewy and on par with what you might find in a standard pizza shop. And last, but not least – the Shroom slice, which contains crimini mushrooms, thyme, shallot, mozzarella, garlic confit, caramelized onions, parsley, and sourdough breadcrumbs. The combination of all of those ingredients might sound like a lot, but it made for a really delicious, filling slice.

What To Know Before You Go: Price point aside, the slices at Eleventh Street Pizza are really good. There are not many businesses in the immediate vicinity, other than a popular nightclub around the corner called E11EVEN (although the pizza place doesn’t cater to that crowd, as it closes at 10PM on the weekends). In fact, there isn’t even a sign by the entrance of the pizzeria, so if you were to walk by — even in broad daylight — you’re likely to miss it completely. Inside are a few tables and there isn’t really anywhere else close by to enjoy your pies if you don’t want to dine-in. Eleventh Street Pizza feels like it belongs in the heart of South Beach or Wynwood (they have artsy pizza boxes that read “Pizza & Love”) and seemed out of place in its current location. But that could change as the neighborhood evolves in the coming years.

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