Steven Raichlen’s Planet Barbecue® Episode 101: Argentine Fire

Hey everybody—it’s official. Steven’s new show, Planet Barbecue® launches on Public Television today

So each week, we’ll give you a preview of what’s coming on the show.

Up first: Argentina.

Argentina. The very name summons visions of rustic gaucho asados and sophisticated grill restaurants. In this show, you’ll learn to prepare meat from a genuine asador, Argentinean grill master. From a whole wood-grilled rib roast. To a surprising “pizza” made with a flank steak “crust.” With two classic Argentinean sauces. Plus something unexpected: an Argentinean meatless mixed grill.

Featured Recipe

Wood-Grilled Rib Roast with Chimichurri and Salsa Criolla

Is there anything more impressive than a whole boneless rib roast? How about a whole boneless rib roast roasted gaucho-style over a smoky oak fire.

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